December 2009 – Dr. Gary Fornera

Dr. Fornera went above and beyond for one of his OB patient’s by carrying much needed medicine to her house at 8:30 at night. Dr. Fornera is a great addition to the MMC family and this proves he really cares for his patients. He started at MMC in June of 2009. He, his spouse, and four children moved to McKenzie from Florida. He works at the OB clinic and the specialty clinic. We were so glad to have an OB/GYN specialist join our team.


Dr. Fornera

"I just wanted to say how happy and glad I am to have Dr. Fornera and his nursing staff help me with all my obstacles and problems.   I put my complete trust in Dr. Fornera and have respect for him.  He is a wonderful doctor and could not ask for a better doctor.  I want him to deliver my next child.  He has made me feel hope for a better future for a baby."