Group Therapy: Depression, Chronic Pain and Anxiety

Depression Group

·           Meet 1st  Tuesday of every month at 4pm

Chronic Pain Group

·           Meet 2nd Tuesday of every month at 4pm

·           Individuals who are invested in seeking alternative forms of treatment i.e. mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, etc.

·           Adult Only

Anxiety Group

·           Meet 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4pm


Anxiety and Depression Groups will focus on providing patients with psycho-education about their diagnosis, understanding treatment options that are available, and provide a safe environment to identify and process life issues/stressors that are contributing to their mental health issues.

Chronic Pain Group will focus on alternative treatment options to dealing with pain, psycho-education about the effects of chronic pain on mental health, provide a safe environment to process the effects chronic pain has had on their lifestyle, and create a support network.