Congratulations to Courtney Crocker and Tammy Goodrum winners of this month’s award both were nominated several times by their co-workers.

Courtney took care of a small child who had to have help in the bathroom while mom was being seen. It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it and she volunteered. Courtney is always doing extra things in the walk-in. She brought her swiffer in to clean floors and is always dusting. She has introduced the “Tide scent” of Febreze to us and has helped a lot. Great addition to Walk-In.

Tammy Goodrum has taken on the role of specialty manager and was nominated by several of her co-workers as well. She rolls up her sleeves and jumps in to help when needed, be it getting supplies , emptying biohazard bags, stocking rooms for nurses when they are behind and even has  helped pull back patients. Thank you for all you do Tammy. You’re department loves you and appreciates all you do for them as well.

Thank you both and congratulations!


"A special thanks to Paulette Higgs, Gail Day, Holly Arnold, Barbie Charlton, and Debbie Hubble. We had a situation with my grandson, Aidan, that needed immediate attention. Everyone mentioned here jumped on it and took care of it right away. Thank all of you again so much for all you did to help us. It is GREATLY appreciated!"