According to an article in the  U.S, News & World Report Breakfast is the most important part of the day and here is why

*The breakfast meal is necessary to fill our minds and bodies after going without food during the hours we were asleep.  Countless studies have shown that adults who race out the door without a morsel in their mouths don’t perform s well at work as when they’re fueled.  The same goes for kids who go to school hungry.

*Without food, your blood sugar levels could resemble a roller coaster, leading to fatigue and irritability,  It will also be harder to make decisions and stay level-headed… not a pretty picture in the work place or at home.

*Skipping breakfast often leads to a high-calorie, mid-morning snack or sends an invitation to indulge in a heavier lunch.  That can quickly cause you pants to get tighter.

*Breakfast can help keep disease at bay.  A recent study suggests that starting you day with a solid breakfast helps keep diabetes in check, and certain choices, like a bowl of oatmeal, could curtail cholesterol levels.

*Good habits are contagious.  A semsible morning meal sets the tone for the choices you’ll make the remainder of the day.

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