star of the month

Congratulations to the April Star of the Month Laura Beth Milam!

Laura Beth has been filling in while another employee is out on maternity leave doing the pre-certs for all the Radiology exams that need them. It has been a lot to learn in a short time and she’s been doing a great job! She’s done whatever was needed of her to get the work caught up, be it staying late or coming in early. It’s a job getting these tests approved. Insurance companies like to play doctor and tell us what they want done instead of what we order. Thank you Laura Beth for all of your hard work! It is greatly appreciated.

Honorable mention to Dave Daggett. Dave has been great helping out with anything that’s needed. He’s donated tables for relay and other benefits without even being asked. Thank you, Dave, for your heartfelt concern for these causes. You’re awesome!

Other nominees for this month were: Dr. Fornera and Beth Riddle