Dresden Clinic is proud to provide a Walk-in Clinic for patients with acute/sick/urgent needs. Our three providers, KELLY RAWLS, PA-C KIM THARPE, FNP and DR. FARRAH VERNON see these patients with the aim of getting them in/out within 20 minutes, though wait times vary depending on the nature of the illness. The Walk-in Clinic is open Monday-Fridays, 8am-5pm.

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Walk-in Clinic FAQs

What is the Walk-in Clinic for?
Acute problems such as a cut, sore throat, cough, bladder infection, etc

Who will the Walk-in Clinic see?
The walk-in clinic will see anyone who comes in. Patients who need refills on pain medication will only be given a maximum of 3 days supply (if appropriate).

What is a Work-in Appointment?
These are patients that call the clinic and are worked into the schedule. We offer to get patients in within one working day of calling. People on pain management or suboxone therapy are requested to make regular appointments. Otherwise work in appointments are a good alternative to just showing up at the walk-in clinic. They are good for physicals and other medical problems.

Why Should I Call for an Appointment?
If you want to see a specific provider or if you need a follow-up visit for a specific chronic health condition (e.g. diabetes or emphysema) or if you need pain medication or pain management.

What Should I Bring?
Please bring your current medications (or an up-to-date list) with you. Even if you are being seen for a sore throat, the provider needs to know what other medication you are taking. Please bring your insurance card, ID an a form of payment

How Long Will I Have to Wait?
Most of our walk-in patients are seen within 20 minutes of arriving. We will occasionally move patients out of the walk-in clinic area to the rest of the clinic in order to prevent back log. Generally, we see patients in order of their arrival. However, another patient may be seen earlier if their symptoms seem to warrant this. Please approach the window (and feel free to ask for the manager) if your wait time is excessive.