Change Is Good, Sometimes

       On Margie’s 75th birthday, God appeared and told her she would live to be 110.

        Thrilled, Margie enrolled in a health and fitness program and decided to have a few nips and tucks performed.

        Then she bought new clothes and went to the beauty salon for the works.

        On the way home, Margie was hit by a car.

        Angry, the first thing Margie did when she got to Heaven was seek out God.

        “God!” she said. “I thought I was going to live to be 110.”

        “Margie, I’m sorry,” God replied. “I didn’t recognize you!”


A thought to remember: The worth of a kind deed is the love that inspires it……

Front Office……………….Shirley B.


“I had my mammogram done at MMC and the mammo techs gave impeccable service. Christy was very kind, caring and Christ-like. I am very pleased with the service I received.”