How important is an EKG? Well I can tell you that it can literally save your life. Had I not had my EKG at my yearly wellness exam, I probably would not be working at MMC today. I would either be recuperating from a heart attack or pushing up daisies. Insurance pays for a screening EKG yearly and I am a big advocate for getting those done. Yes, it takes a little more time in the exam room but what is that compared to its benefits? My LAD (left anterior descending) artery was about 99% blocked. This is the “Widow Maker” or in my case it would have been “Widower Maker”. This was my only blockage, but it was a doozie. Would like to say “Thanks” to Cindy Eblen, Cindy Argo, Justin in the nuclear lab, and all who said prayers and thought of me while I was out. I appreciate those who filled in for me the two days I was out and I am glad to be back in full swing-thanks to a little EKG machine and my new stent!!... submitted by an MMC Employee