Meetings: The First Wednesday of each month    
Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am


 3 Ways to Join:

¤ Call (731) 352-7907 and ask to sign up for the Diabetes Support Group

¤ Come by MMC Front Office and ask to sign up 

¤ Contact our Certified Diabetes Educator, Alice Chapman at (731)352-7907



- Controlling diabetes so it will not control you

- Recipes

- Carbohydrate counting

- Meal planning

- Behavior change

- Monitoring you blood glucose, using your blood glucose meter


Consider the expense of uncontrolled diabetes - Emergency Room, Hospital Visits, Neuropathy, Kidney Disease, Decreased Vision, Heart Disease, Amputation


*This is a billable service for most insurance plans*

*Private Pay fee $25 per class*


"There is nothing like the Gleason Clinic Staff, they are wonderful, you don't find people like that anymore, we really appreciate them calling to check on us when we are sick."