Do you have Diabetes?

      Do you know Someone Who Does?

We All Do!


Join our Diabetes Group:  We will meet once a month (more often as we grow)
Meetings: The First Wednesday of each month    
Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am



3 Ways to Join:

¤ Call (731) 352-7907 and ask to sign up for the Diabetes Support Group

¤ Come by MMC Front Office and ask to sign up 

¤ Contact our Certified Diabetes Educator, Alice Chapman at (731)352-7907



- Controlling diabetes so it will not control you

- Recipes

- Carbohydrate counting

- Meal planning

- Behavior change

- Monitoring you blood glucose, using your blood glucose meter


Consider the expense of uncontrolled diabetes - Emergency Room, Hospital Visits, Neuropathy, Kidney Disease, Decreased Vision, Heart Disease, Amputation


*This is a billable service for most insurance plans*

*Private Pay fee $25 per class*