VenaCure Laser Vein Treatment is a simple, outpatient procedure. VenaCure Laser Vein Treatment, combined with AngioDynamics Precision laser, treats reflux of the great saphenous vein with laser light emitted to the target area through a thin fiber inserted into the vein. From pre-op to post-op takes less than two hours, with the actual procedure taking 45 minutes. Patients typically resume activity immediately and see results quickly, with minimal chance of scarring, sutures, hospital stay, lengthy recovery, or surgical complications. 

       AngioSynamics offers you:
- A new, minimally invasive procedure that optimizes the vascular therapy you offer
- An attractive alternative to traditional surgery for 25% of all women and 15% if all men
- A full business-development guide to effectively manage your administrative, financial and clinical aspects
- An open-ended platform to support additional laser procedures in the future

“Me and my wife really appreciate Clayton King. He is the best provider I have seen in a long time. He listens to me and made me feel like I was his only patient.”