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MMC Provides Big City Benefits to Rural Community

“There is no doubt that McKenzie Medical Center has touched the lives of many Carroll Countians and will continue to do so in the future. Our health care community is one of Carroll County’s greatest assets, and McKenzie Medical Center is a shining example of what is right about our county.”

Brad Hurley, President of Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

McKenzie Medical Center (MMC) recently opened a new addition to its current facility, adding 40,000 sq feet to its main building to create a 67,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. As a result of this addition MMC is able to offer its rural community, big city benefits such as:

- Over 75 jobs created for a county with a 12.8% unemployment rate
- Despite economy hardships, MMC has never once laid off an employee for lack of work
- Because of our providers an additional 700 plus people in the area have employment (nursing homes, hospitals, home health, pharmacies, etc)
- Annually pay $10,360,000 in salaries and benefits
- See an average of 350 patients per day
- We have always accepted every form of TN Care and over 18% of our patients are self pay. We have always taken “all comers” looking after the patient first
- Convenience in health care with most services under one roof including specialty care: OB-GYN, General Surgeon, Urologist, Cardiologist, Podiatrist, Pediatrician and more
- No need to drive long distances for quality service: Full spectrum of diagnostics – including Carroll County’s first MRI; Full Service Lab; OB Department; Pediatrics; Diabetic Clinic; And More!
- Our 1.2T Oasis Open MRI is one of 50 in the nation it provides high quality images in less time in an open design that takes the fear of claustrophobia out of getting an MRI
- We have delivered over 14,000 babies here at McKenzie Hospital, while having a c-section rate 40% below the national average
- One of the few clinic is West Tennessee to offer Water Immersion Labor & Delivery – enabling mothers to deliver in an undisturbed, natural way

While we offer these big city benefits our hearts remain true to our community. In a rural community, such as ours, we know most of our patients on a personal level…they are our friends, our children’s teachers, our local grocery store clerks, our neighbors and so we treat each of them as if they were our own family members…Every Patient, Every Time.

Come see the new addition to your medical home.


“I had my mammogram done at MMC and the mammo techs gave impeccable service. Christy was very kind, caring and Christ-like. I am very pleased with the service I received.”