Meet Becky Johnson


  1. What year did you begin working at MMC or MMC affiliated clinic?

           October 2011


    2.  What clinic do you primarily work at?

          McKenzie Medical Center


   3.   What are your typical hours of availability? 

          Mondays 8am-5pm


   4.   What university did you graduate from and with what degree? List credentials, including any specialties.

         University of Cincinnati – Masters of Science in Nursing: Certified Nurse Midwife and a Post Masters Certificate in Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

       Murray State University – Bachelors of Science in Nursing


  1. Hobbies

       Baseball, outdoor activities, good movies and my kids


“Thank you Kim at Dresden Specialty Clinic, for helping me change the battery on my hearing aid even though I had never been seen at the clinic before.”