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As part of the Federal Healthcare Reform act, Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to receive a free – truly free: no co-pay, no deductible - annual wellness visit that includes a personalized prevention plan. These free annual wellness visits can be done at McKenzie Medical Center (MMC).

The aim of these visits is to encourage Medicare patients to come in before they are sick to discuss ways to avoid getting sick. It reflects the idea that medicine needs to focus on keeping people well, not just treating them when they are sick.

As part of the visit you can expect a health risk assessment; an update on health status; blood pressure measurements; detection of cognitive impairments; a list of risk factors and conditions; personalized health advice and referrals as appropriate; and a screening schedule for appropriate preventative services over the next five to ten years. The screenings services include (but are not limited to): mammograms, dexascans and dietician consults. These screening services are provided free of charge and can be scheduled and typically done at MMC on the same day as your Medicare Wellness Visit.

Once again, these annual wellness visits are free. For more information or to schedule your appointment to take advantage of this offer call McKenzie Medical Center at 731-352-7907.

McKenzie Medical Center is located behind McKenzie Regional Hospital at 205 Hospital Drive in McKenzie. Additionally it has two satellite clinics: the Bruceton Clinic located at 123 Maple Street in Bruceton and the Dresden Specialty at 136 South Wilson Street in Dresden.