Dr. Winkler2

Meet Dr. Winkler

  1. What year did you begin working at MMC or MMC affiliated clinic?

I began practicing in McKenzie in August 1978 and am now one of the managing partners of McKenzie Medical Center that has seen and helped it grow and evolve.

  1. What clinic do you primarily work for?

McKenzie Medical Center Main Clinic

Dresden Specialty Clinic : third Friday of every mont 9am-12pm

  1. What are your typical hours of availability?

Monday – Friday (except Thursday): 8am – 5pm
Third Friday of Every Month 9am-12pm (Dresden Specialty Clinic )
Off on Thursdays

  1. What university did you graduate from and with what degree? List credentials, including any specialties.

University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada) – Medical School – Doctor of Medicine

Specialty: General Practice

Continuing Education: Cesarean Sections; Tubal Ligations; Cone Biopsy; Leetz Surgery; Colposcopy; Cryo Surgery; Flex Sigmoidoscopy; Colonoscopy; EGD

  1. Hobbies

Running, Biking and Swimming