Johnson, David

Meet David Johnson


  1. What year did you begin working at MMC or MMC affiliated clinic?

           January 2011


  1. What clinic do you primarily work at?

           McKenzie Medical Center


  1. What university did you graduate from and with what degree? List credentials, including any specialties.

          University of Tennessee (Memphis, TN)- Master’s in Social Work

          University of Tennessee (Martin, TN) – Bachelor of Science in Education


  1. Why did you choose to work at MMC and what are you looking forward to in regards to your employment here?

          I am intrigued by MMC’s efforts to be a one-stop place for all of a person’s healthcare   needs. They have always been a forward thinking business.

          I’m eager to help MMC in their effort to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of people in the area. I’ve been in the people helping business for 35 years and enjoy it as much today as when I first began.


  1. Hobbies

      Woodworking, hiking, watching old movies and directing the David Johnson Chorus


"A special thanks to Paulette Higgs, Gail Day, Holly Arnold, Barbie Charlton, and Debbie Hubble. We had a situation with my grandson, Aidan, that needed immediate attention. Everyone mentioned here jumped on it and took care of it right away. Thank all of you again so much for all you did to help us. It is GREATLY appreciated!"