Picture courtsey of www.waterbirth.org

History was made at McKenzie Regional Hospital early Monday, August 9th, with McKenzie Medical Center’s first water immersion labor and birth. Cassandra Bullard of Dresden gave birth to a healthy baby boy via water immersion labor and delivery.

McKenzie Medical Center and McKenzie Regional Hospital have collaborated to bring this exciting new service to the Carroll County community. MMC is one of the only clinics to provide this service in West Tennessee, with the other facilities being located in the Memphis area.

Water immersion labor and delivery utilizes the therapeutic properties of warm water for a safe, easy and effective drug-free choice for comfort throughout labor and birth. Some of the benefits of water immersion labor and delivery include reduced blood pressure, reduced pain, faster labor, the ability to relax, a more private birth and many more. It is a safe process for the baby, as they instinctively know to not breather until they are brought out of the water (also known as the DIVE reflex).

Bullard states, “It was a much faster delivery than when I had my last baby. The contractions were longer and more intense but the progression was quicker. I found it easier to relax in between the contractions while in the water. I was also able to proceed with the labor process at my own pace, which was nice. Overall, it was a much more enjoyable experience that I would choose again. However, I must say that everybody’s experience is different so before you choose water immersion labor and delivery you need to be committed to it, but once that commitment is made than I believe anyone can do it.”

The ability to choose to have your baby via water immersion labor and delivery is in line with MMC’s commitment to allow its OB patients to deliver their way by designing their own birth plan. If you have any questions or would like more information about this service please call 731-352-3364.