December 2010 – Kirsten Sass and Jill Mayo

Congratulations to Jill Mayo and Kirsten Sass, our December Stars of the Month. Many, many of you played an important role in our implementation of EHR. However, without Jill and Kirsten we would not have reached our goal of 100% EHR in 3 months. There are very few clinics (if any) our size in the USA that have had/or will have a better transition. So thank you to each of you and a special thank you to Kirsten and Jill.


“I’m unable to put into words how much my Dad & I including my brother APPRECIATE all that Cindy Argo did that I’m sure SAVED my father’s life.  We truly cannot repay you and all the hard working people who may think this is just a part of the “job” nothing special, etc., but to us it is the greatest gift every and  priceless.”