July 2010 – Daisy West

Daisy went above and beyond by going the extra distance for a patient. A 75 year old patient failed a drug screen. Daisy believed in this patient enough to investigate further as to shy her test came back positive when she stated that she didn’t take anything containing a barbiturate. It was noted that she was given a GI cocktail. Daisy called the pharmacy and was informed by the pharmacist that the cocktail given contained Donnatel elixir which contains a barbiturate. Dr. Opie was notified of the findings and the patient was allowed to keep her CDC. Thanks, Daisy, for finding out this useful information and I’m sure the patient really appreciated your extra help and for believing in her. Congratulations on a job well done!


"A special thanks to Paulette Higgs, Gail Day, Holly Arnold, Barbie Charlton, and Debbie Hubble. We had a situation with my grandson, Aidan, that needed immediate attention. Everyone mentioned here jumped on it and took care of it right away. Thank all of you again so much for all you did to help us. It is GREATLY appreciated!"