June 2010 – Susan Holcomb

Susan has been with MMC for a long time. She is a great asset to the clinic. Susan does many things that go by un-noticed but here are a few things that were mentioned. Recently the Specialty Clinic had a fresh specimen that needed to be taken to Jackson and it was already after 5. Susan never hesitated, she left right then and took the specimen to where it needed to go. Susan takes care of the Specialty Clinic and our specialists. She even cooks and cleans for them often. She has also started talking to patients that are unable to pay for the procedures they need to have done and helping them set up plans or whatever needs to be done to help them get the care they need. Thank you Susan for going above and beyond your usual duties to make sure our patients and associates are taken care of!


"MMC Employee, Barbara, did not stop her efforts of helping my family until we were well taken care of. I do not live locally so had trouble getting my aunt into an assisted living facility. Barbara went above and beyond to help me."