Business of the Year Banquet plaque

On the evening of September 27, 2010 the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce hosted its 28th annual Membership Banquet. During this banquet, McKenzie Medical Center was awarded the 2010 Business of the Year in recognition of their commitment to making the county a better place to live and work.

“Tonight we are honoring our fourth recipient of this award,” said chamber board member Jay Phipps. “Clearly, McKenzie Medical Center is an example of a business that gives back to Carroll County and is a greater partner in many events that take place across our county. Not only does McKenzie Medical Center serve as a shining example relating to the health care of our citizens, but also to employment opportunities.”

The owners are Dr. Volker Winkler, Dr. Bryan Merrick and Dr. Terry Colotta. Phipps presented the award to Drs. Merrick and Winkler as Dr. Colotta was unable to attend the banquet.

Business of the Year

McKenzie Medical Center is the largest primary care clinic in West Tennessee and has two locations in Carroll County — in McKenzie and the satellite office in Bruceton. There is also a satellite office in Dresden. Since its opening at its current location in McKenzie in June 2000, it has grown substantially both in services and the volume of patients. To keep pace with this growth, the Center’s employee base has grown from 60 to over 200 employees.

As the result of the growth of available medical services, the Center is increasing the size of its facility by adding 40,000 additional square feet. The new addition to the facility will include a number of beneficial enhancements. The medical facility will continue to assess opportunities and work to develop other complimentary services.

McKenzie Medical Center is a prime illustration of an organization giving back o Carroll County in many ways.

The team at McKenzie Medical Center has actively participated in Relay for Life event and this year was the top monetary fundraiser for Carroll North Relay.

In addition to providing funds and volunteers for various local fundraising events, the facility also sponsors community health fairs, book drives and magazines for local schools and medical supplies for the school systems.

The staff a McKenzie Medical Center also provides free sports physicals for area school athletes, as well as various other donations, services and charitable needs.

As for those of us at MMC we believe this is a great honor and reflects the hard work and dedication of all the employees. It is exciting to see how far we have come and the potential the future holds. It is even nicer that our community recognizes the value our business represents. Over the past couple of years there have been a number of changes and some “growing pains” but each of these steps have enabled us to improve the access to quality and specialty care so that we can maintain our goal of providing the best medical care possible for our patients. The results are beginning to show. Thank each and every one of you for your support and hard work.


“Thank you to Peggy in referrals for getting my husband in so quickly for his referral and sending him the xray and things he would need for his appointment.”