The MIC-ULTRA injection is a vitamin cocktail that includes lipotropic and B-12. Essentially, liptropic means ‘fat-loving’ and is composed of three amino acids that are necessary for the health of your liver. By ensuring your liver is healthy you will help enhance its ability to remove the toxins and fat from your body. The B-12 component provides you with an energy boost that will aid your ability to burn calories. It is important to note it is not a miracle solution – it is a weight loss tool. You still need to consider aspects such as a healthy diet and exercise. Another important note is that the MIC-ULTRA injections are best combined with an appetite depressant at the injection increases your metabolism and can sometimes cause your appetite to increase, too.

For optimal results, it is recommended that the injection be given twice a week or at least 2 ml per week for 8-12 weeks. Patients must be weighted to monitor weight loss progress and each patient must return to the clinic in one week regardless if they received 1or 2 injections per week.

The 1 ml MIC-ULTRA injection costs $12.00 and the 2ml injection costs $20.00. Because this treatment is cosmetic and not covered by insurance, payment must be rendered at the time of treatment.

MIC-ULTRA injections are appropriate for most people who wish to lose weight, but it is important to consult your Physician before commencing with this service. People seeking to lose 10-20 lbs of ‘vanity’ weight are not likely to see much reduction in weight, but will still experience increased energy and well-being.

These shots can be received from MMC’s New Age Skin Care and Spa Clinic located at 62 Hospital Drive in McKenzie. Please call 731-352-3342 for more information or to schedule your appointment. They are also available at MMC’s satellite clinic in Dresden - Dresden Clinic , call 731-364-4900 to schedule your appointment.

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