Thank You Denisha, Pat, Anthony and Kelly!

“Last Friday, when I brought my children in, it was truly a wonderful experience. It generally is at MMC, however, I just wanted to take the time to applaud some people that deserve recognition I would like to thank the Well Child Dept and especially Denisha for working so hard to track don immunization records for my children. Furthermore, I’ like to thank Pat McConkey, Anthony Bosse and Kelly Schipper for their outstanding service in the lab. Pat explained every step she had to take. She was very thorough. Anthony secure their arms to ensure they would only have to be stuck once and to prevent sudden movement. Kelly was available with the tools to make sure everything was available when needed. The three worked together as a team to provide outstanding care for my children. I have an eight year old daughter and a four year old son. They did not even cry and they bragged about it throughout the day. Lab made it easy for my children and Momma – I am so appreciative – Thank you to all!!


"I have been a patient of Dr. Gary Fornera’s since March 2013 concerning pre-cancer of the vulva region.  After undergoing 4 partial vulnectomies, I want you to know how compassionate, caring and what an understanding doctor he has been to me.  He is a wonderful asset to your medical clinic.  His nurse, Andrea, is pretty awesome also."