Thank you Bertha and Brittany

A young patient’s mother had to bring her child in this week and called to set-up the appointment. She was told she could come in at 2:00 p.m. to see a Provider but it would not be their regular provider – Bertha Robles. They could get the patient in to see Bertha at 6:00 p.m. The Mother stated she told her child that they would not be able to see Bertha until later but they could be seen earlier by someone else. The child refused to see anyone else, stating NO, I won’t go if I can’t see Ms. Bertha. The Mother added that she has four boys and they only want to see Bertha, they love Bertha. She has twins that have special needs and stated that Bertha communicates with their Dentist and Specialists and keeps up to date on their care. She noted that before they started seeing Bertha it was a nightmare with the twins but once they were seen by Bertha for their primary care their nightmare ended. All four children are patients of Bertha and they could not be anymore pleased and happy with the quality and compassionate care she provides. Mom stated she didn’t know what in the world they would do if Bertha wasn’t here – they just love her. An added not is that they just adore Brittany.


"Melanie (in the MMC Call Center) is one of the kindest people I have ever spoken with. Melanie was able to assist me with everything I needed and made me feel at home."