Thank You Dr. Fornera

Here is a letter one of our patients wrote about Dr. Fornera:

I am writing this letter in reference to Dr. Gary Fornera. I want the Administration at McKenzie Medical Center to know how fortunate they are to have Dr. Fornera on their staff. He is a very kind, caring, compassionate and professional physician. His bedside manners are exceptional. McKenzie Medical Center found a jewel when they found Dr. Gary Fornera.

Recently, I had to have a hysterectomy by Dr. Fornera. Throughout the pre-op visits, during the procedure and after, he was very impressive to me and to my family. This was my first major surgery. Having had the trauma of losing our mother during out-patient surgery elsewhere, needless to say, my family and I were scared. Dr. Fornera was compassionate and understanding of the fear. He went so far as to hold my hand and assure me that he would do all that was possible to not let that happen to me. His word was his bond. After surgery, he administered meds to prevent me from having a stroke.

Again, I want McKenzie Medical Center to know that when they hired Dr. Fornera they got what all physicians should be: a kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, professional physician with exceptional bedside manners.