Thank You Bruceton Clinic, Radiology Department, Referrals and Lab

One of our patients had lost a son to renal cell carcinoma four years ago and her youngest son had just undergone surgery in Nashville for renal cell carcinoma – what anguish.  The friend stated that her son had gone to The Bruceton Clinic and was seen by Stan King and Lucy Sturdivant.  Charts were documented, labs drawn and family history updated.  Something within a three day period was not going away and getting worse.  Stan King ordered a CT and the notes started flying.  Lucy Sturdivant saw the patient while Stan was out and the phone calls started.  Lucy suspected renal cell carcinoma and immediately called the patient to go over the results with him.  The patient wanted to go to Nashville to see the surgeon that took care of his brother; the referral was made promptly and the patient was on his way.   The mother told Ms. Lorene that her son underwent surgery and that they removed half of his kidney and think they got all of the cancer.  The patient is now recuperating and the mother thinks that the quick actions and attentiveness of Lucy Sturdivant, Stan King, Radiology Department, Lab Department, Chuck Blackburn, Referral Department and entire group in Bruceton helped to save her son’s life and it is nothing short of miraculous. 


"I would like to thank everyone that had participated in my care and in getting me in to be seen by Beth Riddle, so I could get the cocktail shot.  Very appreciative of everyone at the Dresden Specialty Clinic.  Thank ya’ll so much."