Thank You Cindy Argo

A patient wanted MMC employees and Providers to know that Cindy Argo saved her life.  This patient’s appendix had ruptured and Cindy sent her immediately to Dr. Compton in Paris and surgery was performed.  She stated that she can’t thank Cindy Argo and Suzette enough for their prompt attention and putting the plan in action and getting her to Dr. Compton.  She fell in love with Dr. Compton and staff and thinks he is fantastic.

She couldn’t hold back the tears while she was talking to me about how great Cindy is and she looks forward to seeing her at her next visit to thank her from the bottom of her heart for literally saving her life.





"There is nothing like the Gleason Clinic Staff, they are wonderful, you don't find people like that anymore, we really appreciate them calling to check on us when we are sick."