Your medications are important to your health.
The doctor needs to know all the medications you take, even if they are prescribed by another doctor.

It's Important to:

  • Bring all medications or a list of
    all your medications to each office visit.

  • Discuss medications and ask for refills
    at your office visit or through the pharmacy.

  • Add new medications to your list.

  • Mark off medications you no longer take.

We care about your health. It's important to work with your health care provider to ensure you get the best possible results from your medications.



How to Request Refills:

Contact your pharmacy for refills or request refills during your office visit.

The pharmacy will send a request for medications refills to the clinic for you.

Medication refill request are usually answered within 24 hours on weekdays.

Contact your pharmacy before you run out of medications.

Most medication refills can be filled through the pharmacy. However, some may require an office visit. You will be notified if you need an office visit.


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"I have been a patient of Dr. Gary Fornera’s since March 2013 concerning pre-cancer of the vulva region.  After undergoing 4 partial vulnectomies, I want you to know how compassionate, caring and what an understanding doctor he has been to me.  He is a wonderful asset to your medical clinic.  His nurse, Andrea, is pretty awesome also."