Thank You Peggy McDaniel 

Dear Ms. Jill Mayo,

I’ve been coming here for seven years now and there is a nurse named Ms. Peggy McDaniel, Dr. Winkler’s Nurse.  I get here about 7:30 a.m. and she is the one that takes care of me.  She is one of a kind, she is a Keeper.  Her smile and her kindness I can always expect when she comes to the door. 

She is truly a blessing to me and I hope that she will always be here for me to see when I come back.

She is a good nurse and she cares about what is going on with you and always listens to you.  I really adore her.  Thank you for having a nurse like her here.

Peggy has since seen the letter and is so proud that the patient took the time to write a letter regarding her care.  Peggy said that she had planned to retire when she was 100 years old, although since receiving this letter, she has extended her retirement to 105 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!