Thank You Beverly Mueller

Ms. Turner, I am writing a note to call attention to someone on your staff who certainly deserves recognition.  Beverly Mueller is an outstanding asset to your organization.  We are continually amazed at her skill as she successfully juggles her many tasks throughout the day.  From a pharmacy’s standpoint, we see that she calls in prescriptions all day for many different prescribers to many different pharmacies.  She calls each of us (and I assume every other pharmacy’s personnel) by name because she recognizes our voices when she calls in a prescription.  She also speaks with patients, other health care providers and insurance companies.  She orchestrates prior authorization requests with ease and efficiency-which is vital to getting your patients “just what the doctor ordered.”

We realize how much we love dealing with Bev most when she is gone.  When she goes on vacation, chaos ensues.  The difference is like night and day when she is not there.  So many different people calling in different medicines for so many different prescribers, not to mention taking notes from all of us pharmacies about the many different patients with many different problems. . .any one person would have a hard time keeping up with it all (except for Bev), and as a result, no one does.  When I say we miss her when she is out, I mean we really miss her!!!

Bev not only does the work with a smile and an occasional laugh, but she does the work exceptionally well!!  She has been there for years and I’m sure you value her and let her know that by generous praise and appropriate monetary raises.  However, I wanted to make sure that such an “above and beyond” kind of employee got “above and beyond” appreciation.





“Miss Oakleigh and her extremely proud parents would love to thank the nurse midwives and Dr. Winkler at MMC for making her great appearance as safe as it could be! We are thrilled and couldn’t be happier. You guy are great!”