Meet Dr. Chukwuogo
(pronounced Chu-kwu-ogoH)

  1. What year did you begin working at MMC or MMC affiliated clinic?

November 2009


  1. What clinic do you primarily work at and what are your typical hours of availability?

McKenzie Specialty Clinic: Mon, Tue, Thu
Day Off: Friday


  1. What university did you graduate from and with what degree? List credentials, including any specialties.

University of Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria) – College of Medicine

University of Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria) – Pre-Med Science

Specialties: Board Certified General Surgeon


“My first visit to Dresden Specialty Clinic was great – the employees were very cordial, friendly and had pleasant smiles on their faces. They didn’t treat you as a number but as a client to take care of you and your needs. Missy, the lab tech, was very professional, friendly and courteous.  I appreciate being introduced to each person involved in my care.  It made you feel like you were a part of their big family.”