What it is:

This procedure is used to treat high grade cervical dysplasia that has been discovered on colposcopic examination. In other words, if your pap smear has shown abnormal cells on your cervix’s surface and at colposcopy more abnormal cells were identified. Then, these were biopsied and sent to the laboratory. If the diagnosis showed that these changes need treatment a LEETZ will typically be performed. If left untreated these abnormal cells may (but not always) start to progress to cancer of the cervix.


Reasons for this Procedure:

- Abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix


What to Expect:

- This procedure involves a short hospital stay – typically only a couple of hours. It may be done while you are asleep or awake.



- You will be given medicine to help decrease cramping and an injection to numb the cervix area that will be treated

- The nurse will place a rubber pad on your thigh to prevent possible electrical complications

- You will be positioned in the same way used for a Pap smear and a speculum will be inserted into your vagina

- A hot wire loop uses an electrical current (diathermy) to shave off abnormal cells

- The aim is for the cervix to heal containing only healthy tissue


This procedure usually only takes a few minutes


After the procedure it is common to experience some “period like” discomfort for a few days with slight bleeding.

You will also probably have a discharge - that will first be brown and then be clear - for about three to four weeks.

It is recommended that for the first few weeks following the LEETZ procedure that you use pads instead of tampons.

Also do not take aspirin for a week before and a week after the LEETZ procedure. Furthermore, avoid swimming, intercourse and heavy exercise to allow your cervix to heal.

*You should contact your primary care provider if you are experiencing heavy blood loss (more than a period), a high temperature, severe pain or an offensive vaginal discharge.*


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