Tuesday, April 27th 2010 at 11:30 a.m.

MMC Clinic with Honorary Diggers

As the medical services available at McKenzie Medical Center continue to grow, so does their need for more space. McKenzie Medical Center (MMC) opened at its current location – 205 Hospital Drive, McKenzie – in June 2000. Since that time its primary care has grown substantially, as reflected by their volume of patients doubling. To support this increase of patients, MMC’s employee base has also increased from 60 employees to over 200 employees. As a result of this growth, MMC is increasing its current facility size of 27,000 sq feet by adding an additional 40,000 sq feet.

McKenzie Medical Center is the largest primary care clinic in West Tennessee and one of the largest Carroll County employers. It strives to enhance the access and quality of medical care available to residents of McKenzie and surrounding areas. It provides both family medicine and specialty care, with the goal of providing the same medical care for their patients as they would expect for their own family.

The new addition to MMC’s current facility will include a number of beneficial enhancements both for the medical care coverage of the community, as well as the employees of MMC. It will include:

1) Specialty Clinic, which has the full time services of an OB-GYN, General Surgeon and Internal Medicine, as well as a part time Cardiologist. Coming soon, MMC will be looking to add full-time Urology, Pediatrics, and Orthopedics. They will continue to assess opportunities to add other complementary specialists.

2) All the major diagnostic modalities including Digital Mammogram, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Regular X-ray and a full service lab.

3) OB Clinic providing a full range of Obstetrics care including Family Practice, OB-GYN and three Certified Nurse Midwives.

4) Sleep Lab

Additionally, the second floor of the new addition will increase MMC’s space for its administrative staff and clinical trials. The addition will also contain support services for employees such as a cafeteria and a wellness center.



“Thank you Kim at Dresden Specialty Clinic, for helping me change the battery on my hearing aid even though I had never been seen at the clinic before.”